Dipendra Dangol

NepaCrafts family feels proud to be associated with Dipendra Dangol. He is a well known person in the Tibetan and Nepalese incense industry. An entrepreneur, a motivator, and there are many more things we can add with his name. He has created numerous works for the society and has improved the living standard of Nepalese people, especially women.

Dipendra Dangol

About 25 years ago, with a motive to provide the qualitative Tibetan incenses to tourist in Thamel. He started with limited traditional Tibetan incenses. During the period of two years he realized that there is a market for the Tibetan and Nepalese incense and at the same time thought of generating employment opportunities for the people of the society. After two years of his work, he started a production factory for both Nepalese and Tibetan incense.

The main reason he choose to produce Nepalese and Tibetan incense is that these incense are totally made from natural ingredients which can actually use for meditational purpose. His intension was good and that is the sole reason behind his success. Now, he has more than 500 varieties of incense in his shop.

Currently, 11 women are working together for the production of incense. Six out of them are working in a production house and rests five are working in a packaging department. Most of the artists are women who are working in their free time after completing the daily household task in order to support their family financially. Dipendra has not only encouraged women to work but also provided free lunch and accommodation to the workers in the factory. At the same time, he is creating jobs for graphic designers.

NepaCrafts along with Dipendra has started collaboration in the production of seven chakra incense. This seven chakra incense has herbal blend of natural ingredients strictly compliance with the ancient old technique to benefit each chakras of the human body. The packaging of incense is designed with NepaCrafts logos at the top. These chakras incense are gaining popularity and getting positive response from the people around the world. We are extremely excited and hopeful with seven chakras incense on one hand benefits the user and on the other hand we can offer more and more jobs to our Nepalese women. In near future, we are planning to bring new organic healing incenses with eco-friendly packaging special lokta paper.