Danish-Production Manager: Roll On Bracelet

Danish is a production manager of roll on bracelet. In Nepalese culture, beads play an important role as it has great significance in marriage ceremony. Nepalese women are well known about how beads are used for making bracelets and malas.

"Making a roll on bracelet is very exciting for Nepalese women as they can play with the patterns and designs. The bracelet making process is simple which can be learned quickly and it does not require a huge workspace to start.The wages and incentives are equally very handsome along with the flexibility of working from home or production work space. We follow the fair trade policies very strictly and can proudly ask our customers to buy these fairly traded roll on bracelets".-Danish.

To empower the local community, Danish started to get designs for the bracelets and encouraged housewives to work with him. Today, he has employed 35 women artisans in Kathmandu and surrounding cities and continues to support them with their livelihood. He gives the required material to make the bracelet to the women artisans and once the work is done, Danish collects the finalized bracelets, check them strictly and then send the finished roll on bracelets to us for sales.

Roll on bracelet is one of the most popular items produced in Nepal by underprivileged women artisans from various communities. It does not require a specific work space and can be worked with just a crochet needle, thread and beads. The work space is always clean, energetic, fun filled.