Buddhi Majhi-Paper Crafts

Buddhi Majhi

Very few times do we come across inspirational people like Mr. Buddhi Majhi. A 55 year old who contracted leprosy, fought hard to win and then settled down on a career which has already been 22 years now. Buddhi Majhi and his wife Mithu Majhi are both leprosy victims. After getting proper treatment, Buddhi and his wife both decided to learn crafting skills at New Sadle. New Sadle provides treatment to leprosy affected people and trains them to work with handicrafts to sustain their lives.

Buddhi Majhi never felt depressed about life. He terms his disease affected time as a bad phase in this life which made him more strong and determined. He says "Everything happens for a cause, you just need to identify the cause and come up victorious at the end. Remember, god gave us this life so that we could do something inspirational, motivating and worth remembering for us and others"

Now with the paper crafts which is learnt and is now an expert, he makes beautiful origami and paper products.

We are so inspired by his story and his skills that we thought we should share it with you too. Every purchase you make helps him continue this work and assure him that there are people who love him and his products.