Bir Bahadur Tamang-Production Manager: Prayer Mala, Wrist Mala

Rosewood Prayer Mala - nepacrafts
Rosewood Prayer Mala - nepacrafts

Rosewood Prayer Mala

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This rosewood prayer mala is made of round rosewood beads and has three turquoises spacers in between. Usually beads of Rosewood are strung togethe...

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A designer and production manager of our Prayer Mala, Mr. Bir Bahadur Tamang lives in Bijeshwori, Kathmandu and owns a home based business. A very kind hearted yet revolutionary person, he is always looking to share his talent and train women artisans to bead and make prayer mala. He has a vision to employ as many women artisans as he could and help them learn the process of beading a mala to help them work independently and march towards sustainable living.

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He tells us:-"From the time I started to understand the society and the values of it, I have always seen that women are somehow treated differently. When it comes to supporting the family financially, men are always the first. Women are often thought to be just fit for the household chores. This is where I differ and want to empower women in and around the society. That’s the reason I decided to provide necessary training and home based jobs to the women who wanted to show the society that they are equally capable of earning and supporting the family if given a chance".

Anyone who wants to make a living and learn the art of beading can join Mr. Bir Bahadur Tamang. He does not judge women on the basis of caste, religion, political affiliation, disability and status.

“I want to uplift the women’s status in the society by encouraging them to come forth with their talent and become self dependent. I never judge women by their looks, caste and religion. Seeing the joy in their faces at the time of getting paid for their work is the most amazing feeling and gives me a sense of satisfaction which cannot be defined in words” Bir Bahadur.

After the necessary training, he hands out the designs, beads, spacers along with cords to the women to work from home. They meticulously bead the prayer mala and bring them back to BB for the final inspection. Once the quality assurance is complete, the prayer malas find their way to our store.

No wonder why we love BB. A guy who single handedly changed the life of many women artisans living in and around Swayambhu Nath(the monkey temple). His story and life is an example of social entrepreneurs. We are proud to be associated with him and bring quality prayer mala, wrist mala & beads to you.