Binda Nepali-Weaver at New Sadle

Image of Binda Nepali

Binda Nepali is an aspiring weaver at New Sadle and a loving mother of two school going kids. She has been working with the organization since 13 years and is a thorough professional and inspiration to many women.

Binda's husband Nanu Ram Nepali is a leprosy victim. He too worked at New Sadle in the paper department but was lured by foreign employment in Malaysia where he worked for 4 years. After coming back, he now works as a full time taxi driver.

Having to support her family and educate her two kids, Roshan and Rohan Nepali, who both study in grades 10 and 2 respectively at Lovely Angels English Medium School, Binda who is 36 years of age is devoted to her work and makes beautiful hand loomed fabric. Her skills at the traditional hand loom is inspiring as she is fast and precise at her work.

It is inspiring to see her skills and the quality of her work. The hand loomed fabric she makes are second to none and of high quality. She is a motivation to many other women working at New Sadle.

We are so proud to support her and bring her amazing work of art to you. Your purchases supports her immensely and makes way for the better future of her two children.