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Medicine Buddha Cone Incense

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This sacred and rare Medicine Buddha Prayer Cone Incense is a combination of 108 medicinal and aromatic plants collected from the pristine and tranquil landscape of the Himalayas. The main ingredients included in this cone incense is based on precious "a-ru-ra" because the right hand of Medicine Buddha is adorned by a branch of the tree "a-ru-ra" (Terminalia Chebula) and during religious ceremonies, the fruits of this tree is placed near Lord Buddha because of its auspicious nature and great medicinal value. The composition of this Medicine Budhha Cone Incense is so vast and represent rich store of life-saving recipes for curing many incurable diseases.

This pack contains:
No. of incense: 30 cones
Height: 2 inches
Size: Standard
Duration of burning: 30 mins. approx.
Weight when packed: 100 grams

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