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Tibetan Singing Bowl sound therapy my very first real life experience  is awesome

Tibetan Singing Bowl sound therapy my very first real life experience is awesome

Singing bowl plays a vital role in healing and meditation since a very long period of time. In ancient time, it is believed that people use singing bowl for serving the food. The sounds generated by Tibetan singing bowls promote healing from stress, disorders, pain, depression, and many kinds of diseases with no side effects. It is made from the seven metals and each metal is believed to have planetary influences over human body. The seven metals are as follows:


  • Gold = Sun
  • Silver = Moon
  • Mercury = Mercury
  • Copper = Venus
  • Iron = Mars
  • Tin = Jupiter
  • Lead = Saturn

It is assumed that illness is the result of imbalance in cells that cause dis-harmony within the body. And if we could find the energy vibrating at different rates in our body and can alter the rate of vibration, we can balance the harmony within the body. Thus, the sound vibrations from the singing bowl contact our nervous system and helps in relieving stress and pain from our body.

Until you get a chance to experience the magical healing power of singing bowl, the knowledge of singing bowl is limited as a bowl that creates a sound and used for healing.

I am lucky enough to have the real life experience of singing bowl healing process. My experience of singing bowl was very limited until I got to experience it by myself. I was aware that Tibetan singing bowl is used for healing purpose. But never felt in such a magical and mystical way. I had knowledge that there are seven chakras of singing bowl healing process but in no way understand what it actually does.

On 17th of May, 2017 I got a chance to attend the inauguration of Book named “The Secret of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sounds of Healing” by Avraham Ben-Or. He has spent his 15 long years to discover the depth understanding of Tibetan singing bowl.

It was in the evening time at 6:00 pm, after all work has been finished at office; I along with Prajwal Shrestha, founder and promoter of NepaCrafts, went to the place called Khusibhu, near to Swayambhunath (monkey temple) to attend the program. That day, I got a chance to encounter with the largest singing bowl for the first time. The place itself was so quiet and the room was filled with varieties of singing bowl and gongs.

Image of singing bowl Instructor

We were altogether 20 person in that room. I was totally excited and clueless at the same time as how to play the largest singing bowl and what kinds of sound does it will produce. Honestly, I have only seen a people placing a singing bowl in a hand and create a peaceful sound by circulating the mallet in a clockwise direction.

The program begins at 6:15 pm, Avraham shared an inspiring experience on his motivation towards the publication of book on singing bowl in English language.

After the motivational speech and launch of his book named “The secret of Tibetan Singing Bowls Sounds of Healing”, The Author and therapist Avraham started the meditation and healing session. He then requested us to close our eyes to begin the healing process. Before starting the session, he gives us some important information about healing. According to him, sounds affect the human body so deeply and each person has its own sound preferences with which they live and interacts with the world. While playing the sound, some people might feel pain in the body or some people even might get fainted, but it’s just releasing the negative energy, stress and any kind of imbalance from the body so there is nothing to worry about.

In the beginning, I felt smooth sound and vibration only. Combining the singing bowls with gongs, tingsha and singing bowl altogether, I started feeling a strange vibration from the bottom level and finally I felt it in my heart. The sound was so powerful and magical. I could feel that the sound was not going through my ears but it was like penetrating from my body.

The meditation session was about 30 minutes. I felt so refreshed and relaxed as it was my first experience on healing. After the healing session, the first thing that came to my mind was did everyone feel in a same way as me or not and the next question on my mind was does the size of the singing bowls matters in healing process. And luckily I got a chance to ask these questions to Mr. Avraham about why I felt that way and I was really amazed by his way of explaining.


Firstly, he explained that there are 7 charkas of healing and they are Root chakra, Navel Chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye chakra and Crown chakra. The sound waves from the singing bowl correct the balance of the chakra that results in the healing process throughout the body.

Then he mentioned that as we all are connected to the earth, the first vibration that we all felt is from the root level. Then moving slowly to abdomen, Heart, Throat, Eye and finally to the crown level. Crown level is the highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected to spirituality. Since, it was my first session; I felt the amazing sound waves limited to my heart. And firstly, he said that he played the largest singing bowl that is place in the floor to generate the root chakra. The size of the singing bowl does matter a lot. He added the heavy and large singing bowl creates the vibration that is responsible for connecting to the practical world of physical reality.

Likewise, the second chakra is for creativity, development and change because without change, there is no growth and no life. Each chakra has different meaning linked to our existence. And finally, if we accept the changes and believe in supernatural power, we can achieve the last and the most important chakra i.e. Crown chakra that connects to the light of the soul.

The most important aspect of healing process explained by Avraham was that though we started the chakra from root level and try to get connected with the spirituality, we must return to the ground level as human existence is associated with earth and we need to get back to the root level.

At that moment, everyone’s experience was different. For some, the sound was too loud to handle and for some the sound was pleasant. And then I realized that it’s all because of individual preference towards the healing process and sound. I discovered so many new things about singing bowl and its amazing features. But one needs to be very careful in selecting the quality of real singing bowl. It’s not just a bowl that creates a sound; there must be a right technique for playing and combination of right material for producing singing bowl.

I am really delighted to be part of this wonderful experience. At present I am exploring so many new things about Tibetan singing bowl and its significance. The book itself is making me realize the importance of singing bowl for human beings in order to understand the sound and energy of this world.

Every individual in this world is unique and their way of accepting, feeling, understanding and believing is different from the rest. We can read and get knowledge but for understanding the real impact of Tibetan singing bowl, one must patiently accept the positive aspect of singing bowl and get the real life experience by themselves.

For all those people, who love to get deeply into the world of spirituality by the means of meditation, Tibetan singing bowl hold the important place in their life. No human being in this planet is free of daily life stress. And mental tensions invite so many physical problems. If playing a Tibetan singing bowl in a correct way can release you from mental stress and helps in balancing your energy and at the same time, is affordable to use, I would definitely suggest you to try at least once and feel the difference.




efren - May 31, 2018


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