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original hemp product you can buy in nepacrafts

Original Hemp Products You Can Buy Online

Hemp is often misunderstood when in fact, it has many favorable properties. Its fiver has the most durable and sustainable properties which are what makes it the perfect material for Healthy Hemp products. Add in the fact that hemp is an eco-friendly resource gives a good reason to invest in Hemp products. Whether you like a cool bag to carry your laptop or want a hemp hat to prevent yourself from direct sunlight, the one made from hemp will last.

What Are Hemp Products?

Hemp products are typically made from robust hemp yarns. Hemp is a subspecies of the cannabis Sativa  Hemp plant and it is widely grown in the Himalayas of Nepal for its fibers, seeds, and seed oil. Its fiver is what is used to make Hemp bags and other accessories. The fiver is taken when the Hemp plants reach a height of at least 20 Feet. Hemp does not require herbicides or pesticides and is drought-resistant. A Hemp plant can be grown in less than 4 months.

Are Hemp Products Legal?

Over the past few years, the demand for Hemp products has skyrocketed, and it is because people are now looking for natural alternatives. However, when it comes to buy Hemp products, a lot of confusion and misconception come from people. The thing that whether or not Hemp products are legal is the primary concern that people have before buying Hemp products online.

Well, one should understand that Hemp and Marijuana are two different plants, and compounds derived from each plant are also quite different. Visually, they both look similar but the biggest difference between them is the level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a compound that causes people to get “high” and create feelings of euphoria.

Hemp has a very negligible amount of THC, with levels averaging below 0.3% while the THC level in marijuana can be as high as 30%. This is why marijuana is federally illegal in the United States and other major countries around the globe. Hemp, on the other hand, is legal in the United States - with certain restrictions. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp-derived products are legal on a federal level, and it is completely allowed to transfer Elite hemp products across state lines for commercial or other purposes.

Why Choose Hemp Products?

Everyone wants their products to be functional, dependable, and long-lasting, and hemp products are something that offers all these things. Among many reasons, here are the top 3 reasons why you should switch to Hemp products.

  • Eco-friendly

There has been a lot of debate about plastic and how it is harmful to the environment. You may think that cotton is the perfect alternative to plastic but that is so not true. A recent study showed that products made from cotton are more harmful to the climate than standard plastic products. It’s because it requires more materials, more water and more energy to produce cotton products than plastic products.

Meanwhile, Hemp is the most eco-friendly plant to grow. As we mentioned earlier in this blog, Hemp does not require insecticides or pesticides, and it replenishes the soil. With a little amount of water, Hemp can be grown in less than 4 months. Thus, we all should consider using hemp products as it has a positive impact on the environment.

  • Carbon Reduction

Hemp is a natural carbon sink. It absorbs more Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as compared to any other crop or tree. It is estimated that it can pull out 20 tons of CO2 per acre through phytoremediation, releasing oxygen (O2) back into the air. In the production of Hemp products, a lot of the carbon is already offset by the hemp plant itself. Moreover, the biomass produced in the manufacturing process of Hemp products can be converted to fuels like clean-burning alcohol and sulfur-free coal.

  • Durability

Hemp is the most durable natural fiber known to mankind. Studies have shown that its durability is three times greater than cotton. A single hemp fiber can be as long as the height of the Hemp plan. Cotton, on the other hand, is made by combining small fibers altogether to create a yarn. The durability of the fiber is directly proportional to its length, and as Hemp has the longest fiber, products made from Hemp are more durable than any other products.

How Are Hemp Products Made?

The manufacturing of a Hemp product is a long process. Hemp is usually found in the Himalayas of Nepal. When the Hemp plant reaches a height of at least 20 feet, the fiber is extracted from them. Hemp stems are soaked in water for 20-25 days. They are then taken out and boiled in ash water. This results in the separation of the steam into thin layers. The raw material is then collected to make Hemp products. As hemp products in Nepal are usually handmade, they are a bit expensive.

Hemp Products You Can Buy Online

Start asking around and you will find that there are a variety of hemp products available in the market, from bags and clothing to accessories. Basically, we can make everything from hemp. Hemp bags are environmentally friendly and stylish. With the slogan “Hemp Go Green”, NepaCrafts brings 100% hemp products you can buy online. Below are listed some of the Hemp products that are popular among fashionistas.

  • Hemp Bags

best quality hemp bag for daily use available in Nepacrafts

    Purely handmade from natural hemp fibers, a hemp bag can be used to carry laptops and other important documents or as an educational bag to carry books. The Hemp bag can also be useful during outdoor activities like hiking and short trail runs. Its adjustable shoulder straps provide extra comfort and support while carrying it. You get an earthy look and feel as you carry this amazing eco-friendly hemp bag.


    • Hemp Laptop Sleeve Case

    best quality hemp laptop sleeve specially for macbook

      NepalCrafts also offers Hemp Laptop Sleeve Case that you can use to carry your tablet and laptop whenever and wherever you go. Secured with a zipper, this lightweight hemp laptop case is handmade and is designed to accommodate a 14 Inch macbook.



      • Hemp Gheri Drawstring Backpack

        Hemp Gheri Drawstring Backpack is are a lightweight hemp bag with traditional durable Gheri fabric. This trendy hemp bags has a drawstring pattern and its larger space allows you to carry more belongings. It has one front zipper pocket and has a braided strap that gives you comfort while carrying it


        • Hemp Tote Bags

        best quality hemp tote bag from nepacrafts

          Hemp tote bags are handmade in Nepal using natural and eco-friendly hemp fiber as it is the most sustainable fiber in the world. Hemp tote bags have one main opening and they are the best alternative to single-use plastic bags. Tote bags are basically shoulder bags that you can use for shopping trips. You can also carry your everyday clutch purses, smaller handbags, mobiles, and other accessories in these Hemp tote bags.


          • Hemp Wallets

          best quality hemp purses from nepacrafts

            Made from sustainable hemp fiber, Hemp wallets are one of the highest-selling hemp products. This particular wallet is called Hemp Tri-Fold Wallet and it has two large compartments for money and bills. It features a few card slots where you can keep your credit cards, business cards and driving license. It also has a small zipper pouch for coins.

            • Hemp Pouches

            best quality hemp pouches for daily use available in Nepalcrafts

              Hemp pouches are another popular hemp product that you can use to keep coins, keys and smaller nic nacs. They can also be used to keep smaller jewelry items and other precious objects. Local artisans in Nepal make these earthy and eco-friendly Hemp pouches with their hands. There are a variety of Hemp pouches available at NepaCrafts.

              • Hemp Fanny Packs

              best quality hemp fanny pack

                The hemp fanny packs are basically money belts that are designed to carry money and other precious belongings safely. This fanny pack has three variants, all with zippers with different size options and color options. The waist strap can be adjusted up to 44 inches.

                • Hemp Hats

                best quality hemp hat available in nepacrafts

                  According to SGS testing, Hemp fabric blocks more than 50% of the sun’s UV rays as compared to regular cotton fabric. This is why Hemp hats are becoming popular these days. It is the best eco-friendly option to protect your face from direct sunlight. Hemp hats add style to your outfit and make you comfortable walking in the hot summer.

                  • Hemp Shawls

                  Best quality hemp shawl from nepacrafts

                    Hemp shawls can be used for various purposes. Some people wear Hemp shawls for the earthy and natural look while some wear them on hot summer days to prevent direct sunlight. Others wear it for meditation in the park. They can also be used as a bedding sheet or a table clot. Hemp Shawls are lightweight and durable, and are useful for everyday lives.


                    In addition to these, there are many other Hemp accessories available at NepaCrafts, including Hemp Mat, Hemp Table Mat, Hemp Bracelet, Hemp Necklace, Hemp Tobacco Holder Pouch, and more. Visit our website to explore more hemp products.

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