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Are you addicted to commercially produced and chemically laced incense sticks? Are you just buying them because they give great fragrance? Are you in much favor for fragrance than the actual benefits that natural and chemical free incense should give? Are you favoring the chemically laced incense sticks only because they are much cheaper? Then here’s something you really need to know.

As incense has been a part of our daily lives, it can be summarized that incense has played an important role in the transformation of our civilization.

Incense gives a fragrant smoke when burnt. But it does not end there. Incense smoke should contain healing or medicinal benefits too. It was not just for the fragrance that incense came into existence. The theory is much deeper.

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Traditional incense makers around the world believe that there is a set process of making high quality, medicinally beneficial incense. They follow a strict scripture according to the tradition and religion in incense making. Most countries in Asia produce incense sticks which are produced following the ancient scripture which has followed generations upon generations of practice and good will. Among them, Tibetan Incense manufacturing process is one of the most revered. All Tibetan incense should compulsorily follow the ancient old masala mixture techniques of pure and natural herbs, medicinal plants and spices. Many monasteries in Nepal and India make incense sticks for their own consumption and for sales. There are many monasteries who’s incense making formula is so secret that only a handful of faithful people know them. Tibetan incense making also follows a very important teaching which is to use the best of what is available around you. Tibetan people would collect Juniper, Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Saffron, Nag Champa, Cedarwood, Cloves, Jattamansi, Sal, Nagi etc which were abundantly found near them. Then they would prepare the masala mixture following direct transcripts of their old teachings and make the best herbal and medicinal incense.

Tibetan incense is inspired by nature and its healing powers. The use of natural substances and spices make sure that the final product is completely natural. One of the monasteries involved in making pure natural incense is Kopan Nunnery. The founders Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche founded Kopan Nunnery and admitted the first nun to live and study there in 1979. Kopan Nunnery also known as Khachoe Chakyil Ling Nunnery is one of the largest nunneries in Nepal.

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Kopan Nunnery produces various kinds of Tibetan Incense. We have been associated with Kopan Nunnery for about 6 years now and visit there quite often to discuss about incense and custom branding. Kopan Nunnery is such a place where nuns spend their time very happily being devoted to work. The recipe was formulated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and has been continuing ever since.

One thing we have learnt from the nuns in Kopan nunnery is that the incense is not merely a fragrant smoke giving product, but also a deep connection is there with the nature. The ingredients should possess such healing and purifying agents that help people feel relaxed, clear off tension, get rid of anxiety, body pains and feel calm and balanced. We tried many of their incenses separately and have found the incense to be very high quality and pure. We have always recommended Kopan Nunnery Incense to our customers who inquire about the highest quality Tibetan Incense.


Buying their incense benefits the entire nunnery to pursue many of their programs. The construction of building there is always continuous and they are planning to make it the largest nunnery in the world. The nunnery provides each and every facilities completely free of charge. The nuns from across the world benefit from their facilities. Many nuns from across the Asian countries come there to learn the preliminary retreat of Tibetan tradition. Many of them achieve three year retreat under the guidance of Geshe Lama Konchok. The construction of new buildings marks a huge improvement in the living conditions of the nuns who normally have to share the room with four to five nuns.

Many of these nuns work for the Incense Factory in the nunnery which is a fund raising arm and manufactures pure and herbal incense for customer all over the world. We have been in close connection with the nunnery and know that the incense that is produced there are of the best herbal quality. You can place your orders for incense and try them once; we assure you that you will only continue to use the best herbal incense after that.

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