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Ghode Jatra: The Horse Riding Parade

Ghode Jatra: The Horse Riding Parade

Ghode JatraKathmandu, The capital city of Nepal is known for the city of feasts and festivals. There are many important festivals that take place in a year. Ghode jatra is one of the most popular festival which is also known as Horse Parade or festival of horse riding. This horse racing takes place at Tudikhel, which lies in the central part of Kathmandu. Ghode Jatra is organized on no-moon day of Chaitra Sukla Pakshya of Eastern Lunar calendar. This parade is organized and performed by Nepal Army and Police together. This year the Ghode jatra is on 5th April, 2019.

It is said Ghode Jatra was organized to celebrate the victory over a demon named Tundi who reside over the field known as Tudikhel. Tundi was a big giant terror for the people of Kathmandu. The local brave people caught Tundi by trick and buried it in Tudikhel. However, the spirit continued to trouble children in one way or another. It is believed that galloping of horses on Ghode Jatra at Tudikhel keeps the demon's spirit under the ground.

On the day, the team of Nepali Army performs different artistic stunts riding on their horses. Huge crowds of people gather together at Tudikhel from different parts of country to view the horse parade at Tundikhel. The crowds shout to cheer the horse rider so that they run with full enthusiasm.

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