White Sur Bouddha Tibetan Incense

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This incense stick is handmade in Nepal. This incense is used to create generosity and happiness.
Main Benefits: An offering in memory of deceased, enlightened beings and protector deities or protectors. Offering this incense will accumulate the merits on your side.

It contains over 200 ingredients such as honey, molasses, butter, sugar wheat, millet, corn, and petals from different kinds of flowers and many more medicinal herbs from the himalayas.

How to use: You can light one or two sticks of incense outside your room or balcony between 6am and 11am reciting OM AH HUNG as much as you can or if you know the sur practice reciting will be the best. Its for lighting in the morning.

Size of incense: 8"
Weight: 130 grams
No. of incense sticks: 30