Unique Lotus Incense Burner with Prayer Wheel

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This is a very unique and one of a kind Copper Tibetan ritual object which features a giant lotus within which is a incense burning compartment. The lotus sits above a prayer wheel base. The lotus is embossed and soldered with Tibetan Auspicious symbols along with various other Tibetan designs and signs. The top part or the head of the Lotus opens up completely to reveal the secret incense burning compartment. There are three holes for the incense sticks to stand on. The cover or lid has various small holes in the form of Tibetan designs to work as exhaust.

The hollow cylinder that joins the top lotus with the lower base has a prayer wheel compartment. The two line om mani soldered copper prayer wheel can be rotated through the three windows.

These are some of the finest works from Nepal. Combining the rich Tibetan tradition of rotating a prayer wheel around the stupa is highly represented here. This work of art is one of the best examples of Tibetan arts and crafts made in Nepal. The work details on this beautiful piece is very worthy of an applause and takes upto 15 days to complete. Our artisan has put his best skills and ancient technique to use while making this excellent work of art.

Size: 10.5" H X 6" L X 6" W
Weight: 655 grams