Unique Copper Stupa Chorten with Incense Burner Compartment

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This is a beautiful Copper Stupa Chorten which is 10 inch high. The stupa has a great foundation with intricate Tibetan carvings. The stupa features a triangular gajura and Buddha figurine which is seen inside a window highly decorated with coral beads. The inspiration for this stupa are the famous stupas of Kathmandu Valley: Syambhunath and Boudhanath.

This stupa chorten is divided into two parts, the top and the large base. These two parts are hinged together and when opened, the base reveals a secret compartment for incense burning. The sides of the base has small holes which work as an exhaust for the smoke.

This is a copper stupa figurine.

Size: 10" H X 7"L X 7" B
Weight: 760 gms