Traditional Tashi Dhargey Tibetan Incense

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This traditional Tibetan Incense has a unique composition of exclusive masala fragrance and preparations in respect to the ancient vedic formula of Himalayan Herbal texts.

This is a premium Herbal Incense by NepaCrafts and the ingredients for this very special incense comes from trees and herbs from the high mountains of the Himalayan region. The herbs and ingredients are collected and then distributed to smaller units to make the incense.

The incense is packed in a beautiful wooden tube carved with Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols. Our wood carvers have shown their intricate work in making the tube and then carving it with such beautiful symbols. The wooden tube has a screw lid.

The incense is uplifting and refreshing, like breath of fresh air from the snowcap mountains of the Himalayas. It can be used for purification, offering or as air freshner.

Size of Incense: 6.8"
Size of wooden tube: 9" L
Weight: 90 grams approx.
No. of Incense Sticks: 19 sticks