Star Yak Wool Shawls


This specially Hand Weaved Pure Himalayan Wool Shawl is designed in Star Pattern which makes this look beautiful and attractive. Nowadays it has become a fashion wear. You can wear this shawl beautifully in different ways, like pulling the ends through a loop or wrap over your shoulders.

Yak wool is just a brand name and the names Yak Wool shawls rarely are made of Original Yak Wool. Yak wool are harsh and scratchy and takes detailed measures and process to refine them to wearable accessories.

This product will keep you extremely warm and can be worn with any other apparel. The original Yak Shawl worn by Tibetans and Nepalese people are a bit scratchy and expensive. So, our Yak shawls are made with 70% blend of Wool/cotton thread and 30% acrylic for a supple, warm and soft feel.

Material: 70% Sheep Wool & 30 % Acrylic
Measurement:(in inches)-73.2"L X 34.25"H
Weight: : 300 grams