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Sandalwood Organic Himalayan Cone Incense

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This is a product of herbal incense, handmade and natural, each of which are cone shaped. It is entirely prepared through the combination of finest herbs which are neither ploughed nor destroyed. The incense has a fragrance of Sandalwood.

This incense has used pure natural herbs as ingredients without the mixture of any substance like bamboo stick and paper rope. Thus, it is Eco friendly which does not degrade environment by any means.

It is formulated from numerous fragrant species, flowers and others medicinal plants found in high altitude of Nepal. They are collected and carefully blended to obtain a perfect aroma. As a result, the fragrance is healthy, chemical free and completely non-toxic. Its fragrance enhances mind, spirituality, creativity, concentration, reduces anxiety and aids in healing, meditation or relaxation. It can also be used to perform rituals. The powerful fragrance relaxes our senses and brings positive energy to our soul.

The incense box is made up of hard paper and is covered by beautiful banana paper. The box is enriched by Rudhrakshya that looks really amazing.
This cone incense comes with small clay incense burner which is 1.8" diameter

Size of incense: 1.8" approx
Total Incense Weight: 145 grams
Number of cone Incense: 28
Size of Box: 6"x2.1"x2"