Pure Pashmina Shawl Vineyard


This vineyard pure pashmina shawl is one of our best sellers. Our pashmina journey started with this shawl and its still favored by our customers. Pashmina shawls have been The fashion industry favorite. Presenting to you the king of all wool- 100% Pashmina.

This beautiful vineyard shawl is made of Genuine 100% Pashmina yarn and is hand-dyed and Hand loomed in a traditional Nepalese loom. The use of 100% pashmina ensures warmth, smoothness, softness and high fashion. 100% pashmina is costly which is why people seldom wear it and reserve its use for high end parties, celebrations and as fashion accessory. Of Course, who wants to wear an expensive shawl just to go lie in the park or while playing?

100% Pashmina Shawl vineyard Color
Measurement:(in inches): 80 '' L X 28"' H
Weight: : 185 grams