Plain Yak Shawl Grey Pink
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Plain Yak Shawl Grey Pink

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Yak wool is just a brand name and the names Yak Wool shawls rarely are made of Original Yak Wool. Yak wool are harsh and scratchy and takes detailed measures and process to refine them to wearable accessories.

This is a beautiful Himalayan Plain Gray Pink Yak Shawl. Normally our shawls consists the blend of 70% New Zealand Sheep Wool/cotton thread and 30% Acrylic fiber to integrate the warmth, supple feel and smooth texture. This blend maintains the Thermo-balance characteristics of the product. This wool can capture 30% of the moisture and features high on the breathability factor of the material.

Size: 79"L X 33.5"H
Weight: : 310 grams

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