Om Mani Brass Tingsha or Ritual Cymbals

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This is a Om Mani Padme Hum embossed medium metal tingsha or cymbals.

Tingshas are two metal small cymbals joined by leather strap. It is commonly used by Tibetan practitioners during prayers and ritual ceremony. These two metal cymbals are struck together to produce a high pitched clear tone. Tingsha cymbals are quite thick which helps in producing long ringing sounds of a bell.

This Tingsha has been in our collection for more than 7 years now. We wanted this Tingsha to be used for dharma purpose by devotees which is why we have put it up for sale.

Tingsha can be used together with Singing bowls and other instruments during meditation, sound healing, therapy and musical sessions. Many yoga centers, meditation centers and healing centers use Tingshas but Tingsha is a religious ritual tool.

Size: 2.75" diameter
Weight: 225 grams