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Lotus Meditating Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

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This is a meditating Buddha seated on a louts back flow incense burner. Waterfall or back flow incense burner are just a beautiful and peaceful things to look after. It gives a physical and mental relaxation and helps you to combat stress.

The incense is specially designed that makes the smoke to flow in a reverse direction from top to bottom and thereby creating a beautiful smokey waterfall. This Meditating Buddha incense burner is made of ceramic and beautifully crafted and hand painted. The Buddha is seated on a lotus in a meditating position. The smokey waterfalls create an amazing vibes that relaxes your body and mind.

Put the backflow cone incense in the top left flower carving area. Lit the incense and then the smoke will starts to flow to the bottom creating a smooth waterfall.

It adds a beauty to your home and once you start to see the beauty of this incense burner, you cant get off your eyes from it.

Size: 4.1" Length X 4" Depth X 4.9" Height
Weight: 235 grams approx