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Himalayan Herbal Powder incense

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These are varieties of Himalayan Herbal Incense powder made from various herbal, medicinal plants following the traditional masala mixing technique in Nepal.

Completely handmade following ancient traditional teaching of masala mixing technique, these powder incenses are totally natural and ayurvedic.

Procedure: To use these Himalayan incense, burn few peices of charcol or incense sticks and then put some of the incense powder from the top to the fire either just put into fire house. We get the fragrance of these aromatic herbs gently. These powder incense is use in Buddhist tradition for praying, offering, purification and meditation. 

This listing contains the following powder incense: 

1. Tibetan Healing Powder Incense:
This incense has a clear, refreshing and woody aroma

2. Red Sandalwood:
This powder incense contains herbs that has earth, woody and somewhat sweet smell. 

3. Tibetan Meditation Powder Incense:
This incense is made from varieties of leaves and flowers and thus it has flower and woody smells

4. Jattamansi (Nard)
This incense has strong sweet and refreshing aroma

5. Pure Sandalwood
This incense has woody and soft sweet aroma

6. Himalayan Juniper
This incense has woody and clear refreshing aroma

7. Gokul Dhoop ( Beddellium)
A hunting fragrance and this incense is used during meditation

8. Sal Dhoop (Amber) 
This incense has refreshing woody smell and has cooling aroma

9. Pure Sandalwool
This incense has soft, sweet and woody aroma

10. Natural Ayurvedic
This incense has spicy, mix fruity and earthy aroma

Weight: 50 grams approx