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Herbal Aroma Incense by Tibetan Children's Villages

  • $8.99

Herbal Aroma Incense is prepared from several different medicinal herbs from high Himalaya regions and plains of southern India. It is purely handmade.

Tibetan Children's Villages handicraft center is a manufacturer of large number of Tibetan traditional incense. Herbal Aroma Incense is one of the best herbal incense produced in accordance to strict incense making technique shown in the old scriptures.

Size: 9.5 inches
Weight: 85 grams approx.
No. of Incense Sticks: 26

Burning this incense during pujas and meditation will bring us peace, happiness and will make the surrounding feel like a heavenly temple. This incense uplifts and inspires the mind and counteracts depressions and anxiety. The fragrance of this spiritually uplifting incense is combined to bring peace, harmony, joy and relaxation. You can use this incense in the office, gym, yoga session, meditation and for peaceful and quite environment.


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