Flower Painted Wooden Incense Burner Box

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These beautiful rectangular Tibetan Incense Holder boxes are hand crafted by a Newar Family of Bhaktapur Nepal, The Prajapatis. These boxes are beautifully painted and have drawings of flower motifs and Kalash. All the work in these incense burner boxes are meticulously hand carved and hand painted.

The lid has a narrow elongated opening which works as an exhaust for the incense smoke and fragrance. The incense stands on two holes inside the box and comes out of the opening in the lid.

The process of the carpentry goes as follows: After the wooden box is complete, it is then hand carved with beautiful tibetan designs and is hand painted by the our associate painter: SABINA SIJAKHU. It takes upto 2 days to complete one box. The vibrant colors, auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, beautiful designs and detailed paint-work makes this box special and decorative.

As these boxes are meticulously hand painted with vibrant colors and various beautiful patterns of Endless Knot, Treasure vase and the offering bowl, these incense holder boxes are trending as home Decor these days and are in a lot of demand. These are favored by the tourist visiting Nepal and are collected as art and decorative pieces; these are also popular and hot items to be presented as gifts to your near and dear ones.

Size: 8"L X 2.4"B X 2" H
Weight: 170grams

Click to know more about the Painter: SABINA SIJAKHU