Fair Trade Santa Claus with Jingle bell & Christmas Gift Greetings Card


This is a Fair Trade Greeting card with a batik print done on cotton fabric and glued to a lokta paper greeting card.

This is a beautiful and unique greetings card handmade and hand painted in Nepal. This greeting cards shows that Santa Claus is ready to go with the jingle bell and gifts for the Christmas. The green and red color of this greetings card makes it attractive and perfect for Christmas holiday gifts.

This greetings card comes with a lokta paper envelop. Handmade Lokta paper is acid free, environmental friendly and extremely durable.

These cards are made by artisans who have had leprosy, polio or are disabled. Our fair trade associate found the artists and offered to treat them. After they were cured, they were trained to work independently so that they could survive in our society independently. We work closely with them to market their products and also help them financially and in every other way to help them elevate their lifestyle and status.

Make someone you love feel special with this lovely greetings card.

Weight: 10 grams