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Copper Lucky Tibetan Symbolled Potala Incense Burner

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This beautiful Tibetan Incense potala box is hand crafted by our artisans in Kathmandu Nepal. This is made of Copper. This is a singular Copper Incense burner in a beautiful Tibetan Potala Palace Design metal frame. The outer is soldered and carved with the Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbol and the top cover of the frame has 2 deer sitting at both sides of the Gajura along with four birds at four corners.

These boxes have beautifully carved Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols. All the work in these incense burner box is meticulously hand carved and hand painted. There is a compartment in the tube which slides out completely so that you can put the incense to burn in a metal sheet. The metal sheet is like a half pipe and will collect the the ashes and the remains after the incense has burnt in it. The top has many small openings which work as exhaust for the incense smoke and fragrance. As the incense burns lying on the metal sheet, it is completely safe and non hazardous.

As these incense burners are meticulously hand crafted and many designs have been achieved, these incense holder boxes are trending as home Decor these days and are in a lot of demand.

Size: 10"LX2.8"B X5.3" H (measurement at the base and including Gajura and deer at the top)
Weight: 440 grams