8 Point Fiery Brass Vajra Dorjee for Dharma Ritual

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This eight pointed old fiery Tibetan vajra dorjee has been in our collection for more than 7 years now. We wanted this vajra to be used for dharma purpose by devotees which is why we have put it up for sale.

Vajra is an important ritual tool in the Buddhist Dharma. Normally a Vajra is accompanied by the bell which already has a half Vajra attached to it. Bell sounds the Dharma Sound.

Vajra is also a weapon which is considered to be the main wrathful source of Thunderstorm. It is indestructible and sometimes compared with a diamond.

All the fiery spokes meet at the end making it a peaceful vajra.

Size: 6.5"L X 2.5" W
Weight: 245 grams.