Tibetan Incense Sticks

Tibetan incense creates a rich, natural, and unadulterated smell which can help mitigate and quiet an anxious personality. It is broadly used to sanitize the earth and as a guide for contemplation and unwinding. In Tibetan prescription, it is regularly used to reduce despondency, stress and uneasiness. A day by day incense or sang offering is a vital piece of Tibetan culture and most homes and religious communities will have a place saved for offering incense.

We continue 100 extraordinary mixes of Tibetan incense, each customarily arranged by turn in strict agreement to antiquated formulas. All are made without aromas, pastes, colors or bamboo sticks. The rundown of fixings is very broad including cedar, sandalwood, juniper, golden, musk, jasmine, frankincense, lemongrass, rose, mint, lemon, pine, cinnamon, lavender and that's just the beginning. You can limit your pursuit utilizing the hunt symbol to enter key fixings or illustrative words, for example, recuperating or contemplation. We trust you appreciate the calming advantages of Tibetan incense!