Rabi Malla-Designer and Social Entrepreneur

There are many products in our store which we are very proud to market. These products are locally sourced boosting the local economy, sustainably harvested assuring the balance of nature, traditionally crafted ensuring that the craft skills are passed on to the younger generation and produced by the artists who are very talented yet not recognized; ensuring that their products reach worldwide consumers which largely help them sustain their livelihood.

It is a deeply satisfying to find such products, market them and hand over the fairest share of income with the artisans. Also it is a great movement towards self sufficiency for the community and motivation for the artisans to continue their work with pride and have the second generation continue the current trend.

In our quest to find sustainable and locally sourced products which immensely helps the community, we came across a young and dynamic persona. With a vision to promote locally sourced products, help artisans get recognition across the globe and to be a part of a self dependent group of artisans and craftspeople, Rabi Malla started a social enterprises named KOLPA.

“I am dedicated to exploring artisans; specially women and physically challenged people, with exceptional skills, commitments and passion. These artisans produce excellent products yet find it hard to market them. They make products one at a time in the traditional way. The quality of those products is time tested and lasts generations. I want to share the story of these unsung heroes and help them create a global market for their creation”.  Rabi Malla

It is great to bring the products that Rabi has self designed and explored deep into the various far off villages of Nepal to source. You can be sure that with every purchase of these products, you are indirectly getting involved in a positive movement in Nepal which focuses on honoring the traditional indigenous craft skills, sustainable harvesting and economy, preservation of traditional crafts and arts and above all, helping hundreds of thousands of skilled artisans of Nepal find global marketplace.