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Tibetan Lucky Symbols Cotton Hemmed Prayer Flags

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These are limited edition Super fine quality Cotton Tibetan Prayer flags. The prayer flags are printed with Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols and each prayer flag sheet comes with special messages under each auspicious symbols.

Tibetan Buddhism has a group of Eight Symbols, which includes the Golden Fish, the Parasol, the Run, the Lotus Flower, the Conch Shell, the Infinite Knot, the Wheel, and the Flag. Each of these Symbols has their own signifincance and importance. All these Symbols enchances and helps you to live a better life, in a postive manner.

There are 8 sheets with eight symbols and messages as follows:

1. Deep Blue Flag: Parasol: Protection from Sickness, obstacles and sufferings.
2. Sky Blue Flag: Double Fish: Happiness due to fearlessness, fertility and abundance in the ocean of samsara.
3. White Flag: Endless Knot: Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion.
4. Cream Flag: Treasure vase: Endless rain of long life, wealth and prosperity.
5. Red Flag: Double Lotus: Purity, Renunciation and Divinity
6. Maroon Flag: Conch: Sound of the spreading of Buddha Dharma
7. Green Flag: Victory Banner: Victory over obstacles' and negativities
8. Yellow Flag: Wheel of Dharma or Dharma Chakra: Shakyamuni Buddha and Dharma teachings.

Set of 8 Flags
Size of Each individual flag: 9"L X9"W
Total length(from the starting individual flag to the last one)-80 inches approx
Weight:85 grams