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Multi Colored Woolen Round Felt Balls Mat/Carpet 50CM

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Our production artists have woven these beautiful Multi color Felt Mat/Rugs to the finest detail. These are produced from the export quality finest sheep wool from New Zealand and Australia. The color dyeing is done under the specifications of Eco-friendly Swiss Technology CLARIANT Color Dying process. Hence, the colors come out so vibrant and perfect. These Felt Rugs not only look beautiful adding a vibrant color to your room but also takes the chill off the flooring. These are going to be perfect addition to any home or business. These are sure eye-catchers and are so soft that you want to keep walking or sit on them.

NepaCrafts has always worked towards building a better society and as our Work Motto, we have always made sure to support our Local Small and Cottage Enterprises through skill development, employment opportunity and job creation for women. With every purchase from NepaCrafts Product, you are indirectly supporting thousands of women who are getting jobs and earning their livelihood in Nepal. NepaCrafts will donate 10% of the profit as our work motto in empowering women artisan in Nepal.

Some facts about Felt:

Felt is a fabric which is unwoven. Felt gets its property due to entanglement of fibers with each other. Felt is formed by applying heat, moisture, and pressure on wool or fur. First, heat and moisture is applied on the fibers. Then outer scales come out. In the soap or an alkaline environment, these fibers slide freely with each other resulting in a fine entanglement of these fibers. Also, there is bonding among these fibers due to the protein content in them. This results in a stronger entanglement. Lastly, pressure is applied so that it transforms into a fine fabric in the form of felt. These days, felt items are gaining popularity more as fancy items and fashionable goods. As such, demands are gradually going upwards and large volumes of felt items, in forms of Purse, hand bags, slippers, hats, rugs etc are exported from Nepal each year. Manufacturers are also continuously modifying their products by adding contemporary designs and attributes.

Mat Size = 50 cm/1.66 ft
Material = Felt Balls
Each Ball Size = 1"
Weight = 1 kg approx.

All shipments are done VIA Expedited Shipment which is why the shipping costs are a bit high. Shipments are done within a day VIA FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex.